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is excited to announce DMI FSER Fund-I, LLC, a Texas limited liability company, is raising up to $10 million in investment capital to expand the existing ER of Texas brand.  DMI FSER Fund-I, LLC was established to acquire an additional 2 to 4 Freestanding Emergency Centers throughout the greater DFW Metroplex. ER of Texas is a well-established experienced Freestanding Emergency Center operator that currently has eight (8) FSER’s and one (1) Micro-Hospital and now ready to expand. You can check out the website at:

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Why We’re Excited About This Investment Opportunity

FSER Fund with Experienced Fund Operators

Owners and Investors Already Heavily Invested

Immediate Cash Flow

Significant Upside Potential


1. Current Owners Heavily Invested

Ownership collectively have over $10,000,000 personally invested across the existing 9 locations!

2. Established Proven Business

Over $50,000,000 in total equity collectively invested to prove out the business!

3. All Cash-No Debt!

All FSER’s are acquired without using any bank financing!

4. Immediate Cash Flow Year 1

There is an 18-month distribution reserve built in for immediate cash flow while the business ramps up and becomes stabilized in year 2!

5. High COC Return Year 2

Cash on cash returns in year two are anticipated to range anywhere between 17% to 27%!

6. Short-Term Investment Cycle

The business model is to sell within 3 years which creates a large capital event in a short period of time which significantly increases the average annual ROI!

7. Significant Upside Potential

Investors could potentially double or triple their investment between distributable cash and gain on sale!

8. Downside Performance Hurdle

Investors downside is protected with a performance hurdle that subordinates sponsor equity on sale to ensure equity investors meet a minimum above market return before sponsors share in sale profits!

9. Formula For Success

ER of Texas doctors are required to invest and are owners in the business vs. just W2 employee so the doctors are aligned with seeing maximum profits!

10. Concierge Medicine

ER patients experience a VIP experience with no wait time with the look, it will and treatment like a high-quality hotel!

About Rey Hernandez

With 27 years of experience in commercial loans and real estate, Rey Hernandez, President of Global Fox Financial, helps people, just like you, find and seize alternative investment opportunities so they can grow their wealth faster.

“I spent MANY years as an Investment Banker, thinking ‘inside the box.’ Then, in 2021, alternative investments grew to 13 trillion worldwide, and I discovered unconventional investments that boost your wealth quicker, with less hassle. It’s a whole new world filled with exciting ways to invest your money.”

As a Co-Sponsor in the Free Standing Emergency Room (FSER) Fund-1, a venture which acquires ER clinics in the Dallas, Fortworth Metroplex, Rey’s goal is to guide your journey to financial freedom, while steering you away from the roadblocks and obstacles that can delay, and even halt your life and retirement goals.

“In finance, we look at numbers and statistics. It’s never before made so much sense to invest in Texas!”

Rey’s financial wisdom and expertise serve English and Spanish-speaking individuals, professionals and families. As long as you’re motivated to take action today for a much better tomorrow, Rey Hernandez is here to facilitate that dream.

“Smart investors are now realizing, when it comes to better returns, alternative investments, like the FSER, are outperforming traditional investments, like the S&P 500 and real estate.”

Where do YOU see yourself in 5 years? With opportunities like the FSER Fund-1, there’s no reason why your future shouldn’t be brighter.

Emergency Room Locations

Total ER of Texas DFW Locations

Additional Locations to Acquire

FSER Fund-I intends to invest in Frisco & Rockwall, and potentially 1-2 more future locations.

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